Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rescue me!!

Hello Darlings,

I told you earlier I was going to be an individual review on all the products from the Influenster  2012 Bride to Be VoxBox.  I decided to do this one first since it comes from a line of products I have been using for almost 20 years.  I was uber excited that I was going to be able to test this out for free.  If you have never heard of Bach Flower Remedies I will give you a little background information on them. At the age of 43(1930) Dr Edward Bach decided to give up standard medicine to become a naturopath, he knew he could find a way to treat patients with natural remedies using flower essences.  They have had Flower Remedies since 1932.  He has written many papers on Flower Remedies that are very interesting to read.  I have used the Original Rescue Remedy to help me deal with stress for a long time.  I took it everywhere from a Naval aircraft carrier to SXSW in Austin TX.  The gum has 4 drops of the original essence in it, which is your average dose.  It does taste better than the liquid Rescue Remedy and it is nice not pulling out a little jar and dropping liquid under your tongue!  I did get asked one time with the dropper if I was taking drugs!!  I have been super stressed out lately and this gum was help more than I expected it to.  I will be keeping this in my purse from now on and keep the drops at home.  I am excited to try the pastilles with the coupon they gave me!  All Diva's need relief and why not do it the natural way, a way that has been used for decades instead of filling our bodies with synthetic chemicals. I'm going to leave the link with you so you can learn the whole story and more about natural remedies  With the holidays quickly approaching, I know I  will be stocking up on the gum,drops and possibly the pastilles.  I hope you are having a fabulous Fall and we will be chatting very soon!!