Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every Diva's kitchen necessity, The Original Dish Drying Mat.

Hello Darlings,

Who doesn't love little things that make our lives in the kitchen easier?  I recently got the Influenster Natural VoxBox and my favorite item by far in it was The Original Dish Drying Mat! I've been curious about the product when I heard about it from a past VoxBox, so I was really excited to try it for free!!  This has become a lifesaver in my life.  I collect vintage milk glass and crystal, I also own quite a few hand wash only items. I also have a treatment I use on the semi precious stone jewelry I make that leaves them needing a place to evenly dry. I hated putting them on kitchen towels since they are fuzzy and uneven but I didn't like using paper toweling since it was a waste and made a mess.  The Original Dish Drying Mat is made with layers of microfiber and  foam.  It can hold up to four times it's water, so you don't have to worry about a wet mess on your countertop.  It is also cushioned so I don't have to worry about favorite wine glass crashing to the ground. Since I have nonstick cookware this comes in handy on a near daily basis since you really should hand wash your nonstick. This is great to but under your dishracks to soak up all that water, it's really a great multitasking tool.  The best part, it's less than $5 at Bed Bath and Beyond!!  That is less cash than your daily Starbucks.  I am thinking of keeping a few around to throw in housewarming gifts and the random gift pack for parties.  I really do think this is something that everyone should have around.  Here are a few pictures of how I use mine as well as the link to get your own. Until we chat again, stay fabulous!!