Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little about me.

Hello Darlings,

I hope that Fall is treating you as good as it is me!  I realized the other day that I really haven't given you a chance to know me, so I figured I would tell you about myself so you know who all the advice is coming from.  Let's start from the beginning I guess!  I grew up on the lakeshore of Wisconsin, I think it was a great place to grow up.  I lost my mother to cancer when I was 10 years old.  She was a very glamorous woman who even when going through chemo made sure she looked fabulous.  She taught me at a young age how to have great style, be a great hostess  do makeup, know what a good perfume is, how to love classic film and most of all, how to be a kind and giving person.  I knew since I was six years old I wanted to be a makeup artist and a princess when I grew up, I had gotten a Barbie makeup kit for Christmas one year and the dream began.  I grew up to be a makeup artist, still working on the princess part. I was 19 I joined the NAVY, those where some of the best years of my life.  After I got out of the military I started working as a makeup artist all over the country including fun places like Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Honolulu, Seattle and Austin Texas.  It was in Seattle that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I have had MS for over 7 years now,  some days are good and some not so much.  I no longer can do makeup do the hand tremors.  I did have to relearn some skills in Seattle due to losing vision in my right eye.  Almost 4 years ago I moved back to Wisconsin, close to an area where my family on both sides have lived for generations.  Now I paint, make jewelry, work on the 2 different books I am writing, donate time at one of the local museums, product test and of course, Blog.  I apologize in the past for disappearing  I was having some health issues.  From now on I plan on dedicating more time to you and this blog.  Expect to see some awesome Halloween goodies, reviews of some of the newest products on the market, tips on how to handle some issues that can happen with MS, some parts of one of my books and much, much more!!  I look forward to having a great time with you and thank you for reading my blog.  If you enjoy it please follow it and share it with your friends!  Have a lovely fall day and get ready to get your reading on.