Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keeping it smooth with a natural wax thanks to Parissa!

Hello Darlings,

Let's be blunt, we all get fuzzy where we don't want to be.  We have been through all the shaving, bleaching, hair cream removal and waxing in the world to find our perfect match.  This was not my match, but became a new holy grail for my divalicious friend Angie who got to test drive this for me after I found out I was allergic.  This was given to me for free from Influenster as part of their Natural VoxBox program.  Like all waxing kits make sure you do a test spot 24 hours in advance, no one wants to show up on a hot date with a rash!  Angie was stoked to try the Parissa wax since it was a natural product verses some of the chemical ones she had been using.  I'm going to use her exact quotes on the wax. She found it fast, easy, clean with no odors to deal with.  She also added that there was little pain or redness and that the azule oil cleaned the excess fast and felt soothing.  She is switching over to it and giving up all other hair removers!!  I'm glad that this worked out so well for her, she's pretty picky so it's got to be good.  As with all hair removal product follow ALL the instructions or you can end up damaging your skin.  I enjoy the fact that the Parissa website has a section dedicated to proper use.  They are very helpful to first time and veteran waxers.  Just because it's getting cold doesn't mean we have to start growing hair everywhere.  So stay on top of your grooming, it will keep you from getting the dreaded ingrown hairs.  I'm leaving you the link to the website and their how to section.  I look forward to hearing from you if you have any opinions on the Parissa line.  Until then, stay fabulous!!