Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Diva's opinion on Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer wipes. Thyme oil vs Alcohol and the winner is..

Hello Darlings,

As we all know cold and flu season are here!!  I personally just spent a week on bed rest with a pretty rough chest cold.  One of the ways we can all help prevent the spread of these nasty germs is making sure we keep our hands clean.  I was lucky enough to be a part of Influenster's Natural VoxBox where I was able to to try Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer for free. This a unique sanitizer since they use Thyme oil instead of your standard alcohol.  Here are some of the medicinal properties of Thyme oil: Antiviral, Antibiotic and Antiseptic   There is a  lot more to list, but these are what it is mainly used most for. In many countries essential oils have been used for centuries to cure various ailments   A lot of people, myself included still use essential oil therapy as a healthier alternative to synthetic chemicals.
I really like these, there is no weird alcohol smell, no  funky chemicals and my favorite part, it doesn't have that horrible stinging feeling that most of them do. As a painter, jewelry maker and pet owner, I often have scratches and cuts on my hand and hate the burning feeling and dryness that come with the sanitizers full of alcohol.  They had a nice fresh scent to them and I didn't need to moisturize after, which is always a bonus in my opinion!   They are pretty easy to get ahold of which is nice and can be found at Whole Foods as well as online sites like Amazon and  These are easy to travel with, even in the teeniest of evening bags, so you can stay germ free anywhere you go.  I'd like to thank Influenster again for letting me try these for free, they are now a part of my flu season fight kit.  To all of you, make sure you keep yourself healthy this flu season by keeping hydrated, well rested, take your vitamins, washing your hands and using Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizing wipes when you need to. Until we chat again, stay fabulous and HEALTHY!!   I'm leaving you the link so you can learn more about this awesome natural cleansing line.