Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm back!!

I'm so sorry I disappeared darlings, had some technical difficulties!!  Good news is that I'm back.....  Now on to my must have summer MUST HAVES!!  Every season I like to tell all my friends on what I would take to a cabin in the woods or desert island if I could only bring a few things.  A few are the oldies but goodies, never fail me.  Some are brand new, including an item I got for free from Bzz Agent.

1. Sunscreen!!!!  Two favorite brands are Hawaiian Tropic and Clairins.  Please use sunscreen and you will thank me ten years from now when you have less wrinkles and NO skin cancer.

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion.  This is something I would hoard if they ever discontinued it!  I have had my eye shadows on in the hottest of weather (Austin TX anyone??) and my shadow does not budge or fade.  I have passed out and woke up the next day with still perfect eye shadow.  You can get this at Sephora, Ulta and various online sites.

3. Dr.Scholl's for her High Heel insoles.  I got to try these for free from Bzz Agent and these rock for your summer shoes 3inches and higher!!  They are lightweight, invisible, supportive as can be and can be worn in pretty much all of your shoes.  I can wear my super hot espadrilles without having my feet throb at the end of the day.  Quite a few girls that I have talked to have tried them, loved them and now recommend them to friends and family as well.  Now you have no reason to hide your summers hottest shoes!

4.  L'Oreal's EverCreme hair care line.  After going blonde (pics coming soon) my hair was trashed.  This line of products rival some of those I have bought in high end salons and boutiques.  My hair is getting healthier and the smell is to die for!!  It's kind of an amber and Tahitian vanilla combo which I would wear as a perfume if they made one, that's why when you see my platinum hair it's shiny!!

5. Fans.  If you follow Vogue or are as eccentric as I am, you will know that hand fans (not the battery powered plastic ones) are making a comeback.  I never knew they left, but I am very happy to see the return of them!  From black lace vintage ones to cute colorful types, you will keep cool and look hot. There is something sexy and mysterious about a diva with a fan vs a normal sweaty person with a buzzing battery controlled cooler.

6. A few good books.  Whether you are at the beach, summer festival or hiding from the heat inside a good book will get you far.  I love finding old/rare/out of print/bizarre books at thrift stores or half price books.  It's better for the planet to buy used books and with the money you saved you can buy yourself a new pair of heels to wear with the Dr.Scholl's insoles!

7. Opera Glasses.  Yes I said Opera Glasses!!  With all the Summer concerts, plays in the park, people watching and fireworks coming up, these are a life saver.  As many of you know I have MS, unfortunately I lost vision in my right eye so my sight is not the greatest.  These are a great way to see the band without having them look like ants and they make a great conversation piece.  Who knows, the cute guy close to you at the concert might want to see better too and now you have a reason to connect.

8. The Britta bottle.  I know that we know to stay hydrated in the heat, but why waste plastic bottles when you just need one!  I love this since it filters the water the whole time and can be filled on the go. No one wants to visit the ER with heatstroke this summer!

9. Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil.  I get mine from the local health food store, where you can get a 99.5% all organic pure version vs the ones you will find in the store mixed with silicone's and who knows what else??  This is liquid gold and is great for hair and skin.  I mix it with my conditioners, face and body creams and use it to smooth down those fly always!  I love Life-flo brand, you get a 4oz bottle for the price of some brands .5oz bottles.  I always carry a small dropper bottle of it with me for emergencies.

10.  A lightweight wrap.  If you're at the beach and need to cover up or at your favorite restaurant and get cold it will come in handy.  I love the pashima scarves since they are so versatile, easy to find and are budget friendly.

I wish you all a safe, sexy and fun Summer!!  Please use sunscreen and stay fabulous darlings!!