Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Influenster's 2012 Bridal VoxBox!!

Hello Darlings,

As some of you know I plan on trying the not in the next year, so I was really excited when Influenster let me in their 2012 Bridal VoxBox.  As always, the products were free and no one is paying me or holding a gun to my head to tell you about the cool stuff I got.  For those of us who have single friends looking to be in a happy and healthy relationship, they gave us a promo code for Ivy Date.  My favorite out of all the products were the new Schwarzkopf Professional - BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue products.  My hair is trashed from all the color changes this summer, so I really needed this.  The shampoo and conditioner rock and the leave in treatment is amazing!  They also included a Rescue Remedy gum.  I have used Bach's Rescue Remedy drops for almost 20 years now to help with stress and to calm my nerves.  I even brought it out to sea with me when I was in the NAVY.  This is another product that I will be buying when I am finished.  To keep our eyes looking their finest they included the newest false lashes from Kiss.  Who doesn't want to look doe eyed on their big day??  Last but not least I am getting to try Dream Water, an all natural sleep aid.  I look forward to going into greater detail of the products, each will have a whole post about it with pictures and helpful how to's!!  As always I will be honest with you and have fun doing it.  Until we chat again, stay warm and fabulous!!