Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why it pays to be an Influenster!

Hello Darlings,

I hope you have been enjoying the new Fall weather as much as I have been!  As you all know, I do quite a bit of product testing.  Some fun, some not as much.  Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with one of the best word of mouth/product test companies that I work with.  Influenster is an uber cool site that does things a bit different than your standard WOM (word of mouth) company. They recently gave their website an amazing facelift along with their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Make sure you check them out they are launching as we speak.  I love how they work with a lot of companies, so instead of trying one item you get a box, a VoxBox as they call it, full of smaller sized and some full sized items.  Even better is that they do brand challenges.  So you get the chance to compete for some pretty cool prizes from the companies themselves.  This is a totally optional thing to do, I just like free things and am incredibly competitive so I love it!!  Right now I am a part of the Natural VoxBox and will soon be going the Bridal VoxBox crew.  For those of you who haven't joined and like to do WOM testing, I really think you should sign up!!  There are two companies that I get the most joy out of doing testing for and Influenster is one of them.  As many of you have read in my blog, I have gotten some pretty sweet stuff from them.  Right now I am in LOVE with the Original Drying Mat I got with the Natural VoxBox, it's amazing for drying dishes or treated jewelry which needs to dry.  I'll be doing reviews of all the products from that box very soon.  I'm adding a link so you can be an Influenster as well.  http://www.influenster.com/  Make sure you do all the badges and surveys so they can get your demographics set up so you can get a VoxBox of your own!!  Until we meet again, stay Fall fabulous.