Friday, September 7, 2012

A Diva's guide to packing.

Hello Darlings,

I will be off the radar this weekend.  For the record I have not camped outside since I was a small child, but when a childhood friend gets married at an outdoor/camping setting you get to try something new.  Now usually my idea of camping is a 2 star hotel, but this weekend I will be doing the real deal.  How can a glam girl make camping a bit easier?  I'm going to give you a few helpful hints.  First things you will need are the basics.  An air mattress and pump (who wants to spend 30 minutes blowing that up), a good pillow and comfy blanket, picnic basket, an eye mask (it does get bright outside in the am), bug spray and an emergency light and then come the luxuries.  A wise woman once said take care of the luxuries and the necessities will fall into place.  This is not that occasion.  There are certain things a diva needs to function at her best so here are some extras that will make your camping experience much more comfortable.  Bring travel sizes of your skincare and some makeup removing towelettes,  more than likely you will show up with at least sunscreen on and at night that still has to come off at night. Just because your camping doesn't mean you have to give up being a glamourpuss, feel free to bring anything that will make you feel like the glam gal you are!! Travel sizes of anything will make your life easier, take up less space and earn you bonus points when you have something to share with someone who forgot something they needed. Sunscreen is also a big must!!  I love the new Hawaiian Tropic one, it moisturizes and protects, pretty fabulous.  Nourishment and snacks come in handy too, when camping I think it should be mandatory to bring giant marshmallows for toasting and wine to toast as well.  Moscato works well since it is sweet and refreshing.  I recommend picking up some cheap wine glasses at your local thrift or dollar store, your wine will taste better and if they break it won't be a tragedy.  Plus wine just taste better out of a glass vs a plastic cup.  Fruit and granola bars are great too since they are good for you, are easy to store and taste good too.  I also recommend bringing a bag of UNREAL candy's version of peanut M&M's, just because they are awesome!!  Bring at least one book and a copy of your favorite fashion magazine.  I will be bringing Vogue's September issue and Chuck Palahniuk's book Tell All, which is completely different and I think better than his well known Fight Club.  A scarf always comes in handy.  You can keep you hair safe, use it to wrap your wine glasses, use it as a small table cloth and in case of an emergency use it to wrap an injury.  If anything, a diva is always prepared.  I think keeping a small first aid kit is important when dashing away to the wilderness, even if it's just the basics like band aids, anti bacterial ointment, hand sanitizer and a tweezers.  Bring your own toilet paper and a roll of paper toweling, sometimes you may show up and there is none.  That can suck the fun out of something really quick. Also bring a trash bag and pick up your mess, there is no reason to trash our wilderness more than we already have.      Make sure you have your phone and cameras charged, there may not be power where you are going.  Also don't forget to pack some extra clothes and a sweater or wrap to keep you warm at nigh!  These are little things you will thank me for later.  I'll have pictures to prove a diva can camp in style and glamour without breaking the bank or a sweat.  I hope all of you have a lovely weekend!!