Sunday, September 2, 2012

COVERGIRL&OLAY foundation and powder update!

Hello Darlings,

I hope you are enjoying the last weekend of Summer as much as I am!  A few weeks ago I had talked to you about the COVERGIRL & OLAY Tone Rehab foundation and matching COVERGIRL & OLAY powder combo I had gotten for free as a BzzAgent.  I am quite pleased to say that they have become my go to combo, they make my skin looked airbrushed and who doesn't want that.  I do want to update that there has been a slight change in the brushes I use with it now and I will talk about that in a bit.  The foundation has garnered me quite a few complements already, and not all foundations can do that.  I should know I was a makeup artist for over 12 years and have a makeup addiction!  The souffle texture is amazing and the hydrating serum in the foundation gives a glow to the skin.  I'm now applying it with a stippling brush misted in rosewater.  I find this blurs out the look of pores and gives the skin great coverage without looking cakey.  You can follow this method by moisturizing your skin with the product of your choice.  I like to use anti aging creams to amplify the effect.  If we are going to have stuff on our faces for 8+ hours, we might as well have it working as hard as we are!  When the skin is almost dry apply a touch to sections of your face with your finger or foundation brush and the buff it out with a stippling brush.  Do the same on different sections of the face until  you get the coverage you want.  Set it with a fluffy brush dipped in the COVERGIRL & OLAY powder to set it.  I really dig this powder and have considered replacing my Channel one for this.  It  has gold peal in it to illuminate the skin and feels more like a cream than a powder.  As I said earlier ditch the sponge, it's not good for the powder or your skin since the oil in your skin transfers on to the sponge which then touches the powder. Ick!  I like to load a little of it on a travel powder brush so I don't have to fill my evening bag when going out. The only problem I have with this powder is that it is VERY fragile.  I dropped mine just a few inches from the ground and it pretty much exploded!!  I liked it enough to walk and get a new one right away with one of the coupons that BzzAgent gave me.  I am glad I was given a chance to try this since I am a makeup snob and I think a lot of that has to do with being a makeup artist/skincare expert for so long.  I'm going to finish the bottle just to see if it does all the skincare magic it clams to do.  Once that happens I will let all of you know.  I admit it would be nice to save a bit of cash in the makeup department!!  I'm leaving you some updated pictures of the brushes for the application method and a picture of me (in GLASSES) after having it on all day assisting at the museum.  Until then stay fabulous my darlings!!



P.S  Sorry about the weird look on my face, it's been a LONG day!

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