Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A new chic way to keep your house fragrant and fabulous!

Hello Darlings,

As many of you know I am a perfectionist when it comes to my home decor.  It's a combination of vintage glam, artist chic and bohemian eccentricities.  So when looking for a something to keep my house smelling nice ( we do have 3 cats and my sense of smell is strong due to some quirk with my MS ) I have many things that I have to consider.  BzzAgent hooked it up again and my good friend Angie and I took it to a new glamorous level.  I like my scents to be inviting, when you come into our house I want it to feel like a second home to you.  Glade has come out with a really great new line of household scents and styles to make your house a chic, well scented place to be.  I only tried 3 out of the 4 scents. Due to my allergies to some tropical fruit I did not want to try the pineapple scent, but friends of mine seem to like it.  Right now my favorite is a tie between the Italian cotton & Mandarin and the Fuji Apple & cardamom.  One is crisp, clean and fresh the other is warm, rich and welcoming.  The spray and oil holder both come in the Fuji Apple scent but sadly not in the Cotton scent in.  That is my main problem with the line, I like having a spray that matches my diffuser to freshen up the room from time to time.   I have decided to switch the whole house to the Fuji Apple scent for Fall, so crisis averted for now.  I like that the oil diffuser is not of the reed variety, which I don't like to use since my cats have tried to eat them.  I think the price is nice, the scents beautiful and it is not ugly, so I think it fits the bill nicely. The spray is great, I find that the scent last a long time and covers up odors nicely.  While searching for these I went to a few different stores and the only store that had the whole line was Target.  It was fun at Target since we gave some of our coupons to a sweet lady who was picking some up and now she's a future BzzAgent!   Now comes the fun part!!  My friend Angie realized that the simple white spray bottle is a blank canvas for you to make your own.  We realized that scrap book stickers work great for this, they are see through and sturdy.  Angie went with adorable floral and I decided on an artistic swirl.  For a dollar I was able to decorate two bottles!!  We plan on hitting up some craft stores to find some different stickers to decorate our bottle with.  I will post pictures of the project when we are done.  For now the new Glade scents will be keeping our house chic and beautifully scented.  I have added some pictures to show how the oil diffuser blends nicely into your decor and how the spray bottle can be customized.  Once again I would like to thank BzzAgent for giving me the product to test and my friend Angie for the great decorating idea!!  Check them out, they are Diva tested and approved!!  Until then, enjoy the upcoming changing of the seasons and stay fabulous!!



Oil Diffuser with art and rose quartz

Customized spray bottle

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