Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Better than wine of the month club, FABULOUS of the month club is what I have just found!!!

Hello Darlings,

Usually the day back from a holiday weekend leaves us with a slight hangover, possible sunburn and that bummed out feeling that summer is coming to an end.  What's better than a little retail therapy to save the day!!  Last night while looking through some fall fashion I came upon one of my new favorite online shopping sites.  It's called Little Black Bag and it is a fashionistas cheap fix for glamour and a little label whoring as well.  For just about $50 a month you get to pick one item, I got a sexy and stunning Betsey Johnson snake cuff. Then they pick out 2 or 3 more items based on your style and your  "loves" which is pretty much just liking an item.  My 2nd item was a pair of Steve Madden sunglasses. It was a pair that I "loved" so I was pretty jazzed!  The 3rd item was an eyelash curler.  Most of the standard ones don't work on me so I am neutral on this one.  If it doesn't work I will give it to one of my girlfriends.  The kicker is they don't show you your extra items until you pay for your bag.  But they do have online trading and it shows how many people want the item you don't.  If you decide you don't like anything they have or don't feel like getting a bag one month, tell them by the 5th and you are in the clear.  I already have next months handbag picked out so that will not be a problem for me!  I definitely suggest you check out the website.  It is one of my new fashion addictions!!

Now on to the goodies I am getting, sorry for the fuzzy pictures and no curler!

Betsey Johnson Snake Cuff

Steve Madden Oval Cat Eye Sunglasses

Let me know what you think and check it out.  If you do let us know what you decided to get and if you did a trade or kept your goodies.  I hope you had  a safe weekend and aren't hurting too badly today.  Until we chat again, stay fabulous...