Thursday, August 30, 2012

Having the perfect Halloween. Part 1

Hello Darlings,

It's getting to be the end of Summer which means only one thing to me.  Fall and more important, Halloween.  I love Halloween and everyone knows it, it is on my top 10 favorite days of the year and in the upper 5.  It's a day where you get to get fabulously glammed up, fill yourself full of sweet and drinks, gush over each other and just have as much fun as you possibly can.  There is something freeing about being a different person or creature.  Whether you are going as a yeti or a movie star, here are some starter tips for having the best Halloween party ever giv.en.  This is actually a whole series on having the perfect Halloween party.  I want to start with what really is the biggest part of Halloween, which is the costume.  That is what I feel like is the most important yet under looked part of a fabulous Halloween  Now first things first, figure out who or what you want to be.  All to many times I have seen people freaking out a few days before the Halloween parties begin because they have no clue & no costume.  Throughout the year jot down ideas you might have.  If you find an amazing gown at a thrift store, don't pass it up because it's August.  I can pretty much tell you that come mid October all the really nice goods from the thrift stores will be gone.  Picking up things early also eases the costs of your costume.  This year I found the most stunning dress for $15 so I grabbed it, it was a LOT nicer than the ones I was seeing on eBay for an eight of the price.  It needs a little work (September) and to be dry cleaned ( 2nd week of October) but I will have a dress for the rest of my life for about $60.  If you go to the Halloween super stores cheaply made costumes cost more and by doing it this way you are also supporting local business, so everyone wins!!  After Halloween hit those stores up for possible costumes and accessories for next year at half the cost.  Think outside the box, a family i know are all dressing up like classic cereals.  Her son's going to be Captain Crunch, her husband the Lucky Charms elf and she's going to be Tony the tiger.  One year a group of my friends went as Jedi Knights with the help of a $10 brown snuggie!!  None of these looks cost over $60 and that includes dress, dry cleaning,etc.  Here are some pics of Halloweens past that I hope get your creative energys flowing!!  The next in the series is going to be all about fun food and beverages to serve to your guests.  Until then, stay fabulous darlings!!