Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What is that Monk Fruit in my tea and coffee? Yes,it's the newest natural lo calorie sweetener called NECTRESSE and I adore it!

Hello Darlings,

Sometimes we are looking for ways to cut calories in our diet, many times we try lo calorie sweeteners to cut back but are often left disappointed.  Fret no more, there is a new natural sweetener called NECTRESSE and it is really great for your beverages.  What makes this one different from the others is that it is made with the Monk Fruit.  You probably are wondering what a Monk Fruit is, so I will tell you about it. It's been a green melon grown in mountainous regions for hundreds of years, is a 150 times sweeter than sugar and has NO calories. Added to the Monk Fruit is sugar, molasses and erythritol, leaving a pretty great sweeter.   Being that I love natural foods and also want to keep my weight in check so I was happy to try this for free!  I have a nice rich flavor and a little goes a long  way with this one.  I enjoy the fact that it tastes like sugar, not that weird chemical flavor that comes with lots of lo calorie sweeteners.  I find keeping a few packets in my purse is great since I live in a smaller town now and I tend to not like the sweeteners they have at the table at most places.  I have had friends try it and enjoy it.  I will probably be getting the jar for our house and keep the packets for on the go.  I hope you decide to give this product a try, I think you will approve.  One of my favorite ways to use it right now is at night in my tea with a little honey and milk. Here's a link here to get a coupon and a free sample of NECTRESSE.  That way you have nothing to lose but a sweet treat!  Please enjoy your last week of August Darlings and stay fabulous!!

NECTRESSE Natural No Calorie Sweetener: Thx NECTRESSE 4 my free sample! Get a free sample of the no calorie sweetener made from fruit! #NectresseNatural