Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's get real about our sweets for a bit! Time to reach for a higher standard of candy!

Hello Darlings,

We all know I have the sweet tooth of Marie Antoinette, and I suspect that many of you do to...  Thanks to BzzAgent I have had the chance to try and now share with you the most amazing candy!!  There is a new candy in town, it's taken over, and I hope it doesn't have plans on leaving soon since I am full on addicted!  UNREAL candy is taking something good and turn it into something great.  Imagine your favorite candy without any artificial, hydrogenated, corn syrups, preservatives and no GMOs. They have the basic candy bars, so I will let you know a little bit about each, what they compare to and the nutritional differnce between the original and the UNREAL.  There is something that made me smile as I read the coloring ingredients for UNREAL #54 (the candy coated chocolate peanuts) Beetroot juice, Turmeric & Purple Cabbage juice sound a lot PRETTIER than red/blue/green dye #???  To make it even better it has 45% of your daily value of calcium and half the fat of old fashioned peanut M&M's, how yummy is that?? They are just delish and I can't keep my hands out of the bag. UNREAL #5 is like one of those fab candy bars from the little family candy stores.  For those who have had handmade caramel, you will be in candy heaven!  Imagine a gourmet Milky Way, but again like all UNREAL candy it has almost half the fat, sugar and it seems to me that they used that space to add fiber and protein. UNREAL #8 makes Snickers nonexistent in our world now, just #8.  You can say good bye to your old favorite peanut butter cups soon thanks to UNREAL#77.  It's cool that they don't waste paper by putting the peanut butter cups in it, just pure and simple candy. Rich and decadent is how I feel about these, they might be my favorite of the collection right now. These are extra delish when having them with a nice cold glass of vanilla almond milk, it's like the snack you used to get as a kid.  Just a bit more grown up....  I have no problems serving these candies to my friends kids, nieces, god daughters and any one who would want to share candy with me!!   As I was digging in our "snack" area in the house I decided to see how these stood up to "good for you" granola bars.  These had as much fiber and protein as one and was 1 gram away from the other.  The fat content was  higher, but this is delicious candy we are talking about!  Now remember this is still candy, so please use in moderation!!  I've really put the word out about this stuff, even chatting up the local drug store clerk about how awesome these are.  From now on when I need a sweet and junk free candy!!  I hope that you will give these a try, I know most of my friends already have.  Now go treat yourself to something Unjunked and spectacular. Don't forget to check out their website  Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the painting/candy art my Darlings!!!



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