Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My new favorite foundation & pressed powder combo!! COVERGIRL & OLAY's Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation & COVERGIRL &OLAY Pressed Powder.

Hello Darlings,

This week I got a lovely package in the mail courtesy of BzzAgent!  I have been given the chance to try the new COVERGIRL & OLAY foundation and powder for free and I am sure glad I have been.  As a former makeup artist for over decade I've become quite the foundation and powder master and a make up snob to boot.  I can honestly say that this one outshines some of the highest of the high end foundations for a fraction of the price!!  Sorry Dior, Armani and Chanel, it's not you, it's this new makeup....  The texture of the Tone Rehab 2- in -1 foundation gives one of my favorite Armani foundations feel cheap, it's so mousy and creamy.  This foundation gives beautiful, buildable coverage that imparts a nice luminosity to the skin.  You can't see it on your skin, it just looks like your skin softly lit up and airbrushed. I love how luxurious this feels on my skin, it doesn't gather in lines and has a skin serum in it to keep your skin healthy and fresh looking.  So far I have had no breakout issues, even when under the bright lights of my art studio.  If you have dryer skin I recommend apply it while your skin is still damp with your moisturizer, you can mist your skin with a bit of rosewater as well.  I also suggest that you should apply the foundation with a foundation brush.  You can save up to 30% of your foundation and it goes on much smoother without any streaks or lines.  Use the money you saved from stepping away from the cosmetic counter and turning to COVERGIRL if you don't have one yet.  They are a must have piece in your beauty battle!  Now on to the COVERGIRL & OLAY Pressed Powder.  I am quite impressed with this as well.  Toss the sponge, I feel that it gives a cakey effect to the skin and actually looks dry and ages you.  Again this is where a good brush comes in. It will apply the powder evenly, use less powder and if you have a travel brush you can put some on that and toss it in your evening clutch.  I love how creamy this powder feels, silky and rich.  I also think that the gold pearls, silk mica and skin serum give this powder an edge compared to anything in the drugstore market and world of high end cosmetics right now.  This price point is good on both of these, the price of both of them together are cheaper than just the powder from other lines I have used.  One word to the wise, due to the creamy softness of the powder it will shatter if dropped even lightly.  This happened during it's "photo shoot" and I will be going to replace it after I post this.  I do have some great $2 off coupons for my local readers if you want one.I have recommended this to a lot people so far and will keep on doing that unless something changes or something else steals my heart away.  I will update on how this is working for me and the opinion of some of the people I have recommended it to in 14 days or so.  Until then stay beautiful, glamours and true to yourself.  And don't forget to check out this amazing combo and make your skin even more beautiful and ageless!!!  Please feel free to see the new and chic packaging it comes in with some of the coupons and Bzzgear below!



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