Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keeping my hair smooth, even in this horrible winter with a little help for Goody QuikStyle brush!

Hello Darlings,

Winter in Wisconsin is something special, one day it's 35 degrees and the next it's 9 with high winds.  It's enough to drive any Diva mad!!  As part of my amazing Holiday VoxBox from our friends at Influenster, I got a free Goody QuikStyle brush.  I love hair stuff, so I was really excited to try it since I was getting pretty bad static from the one I've been using.  As you know, I'm growing my hair out after the cut from hell and styling it can be frustrating to put it mildly.  The QuikStyle brush has cut down on my drying time and made my hair smoother, so I don't have to spend as much time flat ironing it.  It's takes a bit to get the handle of it, but once you do you are never going to want to dry your hair with another brush again!!  It has rows between the bristles that have absorbent nubs that help smooth and dry the hair quicker.  I do have one issue with this brush and it's I wish they came in a smaller size.  The half round brush I got rocks, but can be hard to maneuver with my hair being in a chin length bob right now. I know it's really going to rock as my hair gets longer.  If you are reading this Goody, PLEASE make your half round brush in a smaller size for us Divas with shorter hair!!  You use this like any other half round brush, you can choose to section off your hair or not, depending on the length and style of your hair.  When you are done drying your hair, the little nubs will be out of wack.  A little pop on the back of the brush and running my hand across it put it back to normal.  You can find this brush pretty much anywhere and it retails around $12 where I live.  I recommend this brush to everyone who likes to smooth their hair while drying it.  It makes it so much easier and it's going on my upcoming must haves for winter list.  I took a picture after being out in the cold with a hat, I did run the brush through my hair just to reshape it.  I was surprised at how smooth my hair was considering the arctic chill and high winds we are having tonight.  I'm leaving you with the like to get your own QuikStyle brush, so you can all have great winter hair!!  Until next time, stay fabulous!!