Friday, January 11, 2013

Get lush lips with N.Y.C New York Color Liquid LipShine!

Hello Darlings,

After spending over a decade as a makeup artist in everything from Indie films to fashion shows, I know a good lip gloss when I try one!!  Thanks to Influenster's Holiday VoxBox program I was able to try a lip gloss I wouldn't have normally tried and for free.  New York Color (also known as N.Y.C) is a line that has always had a great price and good products and with their Liquid LipShine they really scored.  With all the medication I have to be on due to my MS my lips can be dry and sensitive, especially in the cold Wisconsin winters.  This lip gloss does a lot for a little price.  First off it taste delicious !  It has a creme brulee vanilla caramel taste to it that doesn't taste cheap or fake.  I got it in Nude York City so I don't know if the taste matches the shade or if they all taste this good (I hope so!!)  Nude York City is the perfect shimmery nude that make your lips look juicy and shiny.  I enjoyed the fact that you can wear it on its own or pop it over a lipstain or lip liner for  a whole new look!!  For a gloss like product, it wears a long time which is important since I hate having to stop what I am doing to touch up my lips.  Everywhere I wear this I get stopped and complemented.  I love the look on their faces when I tell them it's not one of my high end glosses but one you can pick up at any local drug or big box store.  The packaging is sleek and easy to stash even in the teeniest evening clutches.  This diva has nothing bad to say about this lipshine!!  Go out and try some for yourself, it's cheaper than a cup of Starbucks and will make you look smashing!!  Here are a few pics and a link to their website so you can get your own.  N.Y.C's Liquid LipShine is what will be keeping my lips soft,sexy and shiny this season and beyond!!  Until next time, stay glamorous......