Saturday, January 19, 2013

Get a EBOOST for beating the flu!

Hello Darlings,

It seems that this year we have a vicious flu season on our hands, the region I live in got hit hard and everyone I know has been sick the last few weeks.  Way to ring in the New Year right?  Thanks to EBOOST I had it a lot easier than my other friends when I got hit with it.  I've written about EBOOST before since I have gotten to try it thanks to Influenster and their various VoxBox programs.  I got to try the Acai Pomegranate this time in the Holiday VoxBox.  I used it on New Years eve to get that little energy boost I knew I would need since our holiday parties often run until 4 am!!  I was up to almost 5 am and still felt good. I am sure the champagne didn't hurt either, but I contribute my stamina for that evening to EBOOST.  It's packed full of vitamins and natural energy boosters like 5-HTP, it also has resveratrol and Green Tea in it.  It comes in 4 different flavors, but my favorite is the orange.  When battling fatigue, whether it be from the weather or a health condition, I recommend EBOOST.  It really keeps me going and isn't full of a bunch of unnatural junk.  It's easy to find in most stores or online and totally worth it.  I'm leaving you with links to their website if you would like to learn more or order some for yourself.  Take care this flu season by making sure you get enough rest, vitamins and EBOOST. A special thanks to Influenster for letting me try some cool new products for free and EBOOST for helping me make it through the flu with some energy!! Until we meet again, stay fabulous!!



 EBOOST"champagne" toast before party!