Sunday, May 5, 2013

How a Diva deals with a loss (or multiple ones).

Hello Darlings,

I hope that Spring has sprung wherever you may be!  Sometimes even us Divas have to deal with some painful things, this year has been a bit rocky for this Diva.  There has been a lot of loss in my life this year, hardest being loosing the women who raised me after my mother died and the person who inspired me to be glamorous, strong, and a caring person.  But, just as she would have wanted, I have become a stronger person from it. Later on I am going to go into ways to deal with the hard times in upcoming  posts. On a happier note, this Summer has some exciting events and I hope to include you in these!!  I will also be keeping you posted on new products to try and honest feedback on them.  Now that Winter is over and I quit smoking, expect tips on how to get back in shape and an all around healthier person.  Until then I wish you health, happiness and all around fabulousness!!