Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kiss everEZlashes!

Hello Darlings,

I am excited to tell you about a new and easy way to try fake eyelashes.  After spending a decade as a makeup artist, I can tell you that one of the questions I got asked most about was on how to apply fake eyelashes.  Thanks to Influenster I was able to try these out for free.  For 1st timers they make it easy as can be due to the fact that there is a string that helps you line it up perfectly to your lash line.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!!  All you have to do is apply lash glue, line it up and then pull the string through to get a great set of falsies.  Before applying false eyelashes I always recommend curling your lashes and applying a coat of mascara.  Once the lash glue has dried and set add a second coat of mascara and some eyeliner to complete the look.  For those who have small eyes like me, you can cut the lashes into 2 sets and use them on the mid and outer corner of your eyes.  This gives a sexy cat eye effect and gives you a spare pair of lashes for later!  I have added a picture of how this is done and the items I use to make doing half lashes easy.  The metal tool is a false eyelash tool, it makes applying these a snap.  These are by far the easiest way to learn how to use false eyelashes that I have seen.  You can find them at your local big box and drugstore by the other lashes.  Just make sure to remove them before you go to bed!!  Nothing is worse than losing a chunk of eyelashes due to abuse.  With all your holiday parties coming up these are sure to come in handy!!  Get your beauty rest so your wide eyed look will look its freshest.  Until we chat again, stay warm and fabulous!!