Monday, November 19, 2012

Bath and Body Works fabulous Fall candle scent!

Hello Darlings,

One of my favorite parts of Fall and the holiday season is the warm scent of candles in the air.  This year as a part of my Influenster's beauty blogger VoxBox I got to try one of the BB&W travel candles in Mahogany Teak Wood.  Needless to say this is going to be repurchased!!  The smell is long lasting and warm and woodsy  the way late fall should smell.  I enjoy the fact that it is not over powering and burns clean.  For those of you who can't burn candles where you live, I recommend getting a plug in candle warmer.  I love the travel size of this one since I do like to travel and hate the smell of hotel rooms.  This candle has had a few trips, including Milwaukee and Chicago.  Who doesn't want to unwind in your hotel after a day of running around and have it smell amazing.  These are also great to burn while soaking in the tub for a night time bath.  It gives a soothing light and smell that cheaper candles can't match.  With the holidays coming up, these make great stocking suffers and the price is to die for.  These are going to be the new candle standard in our house!  Here's a picture of the candle and a link to get your own.  Back to bed rest for this diva, I hope you are all taking care so you can have a happy and healthy holidays!