Thursday, April 19, 2012

Duchess the baby diva.

Duchess after her Hills Science Diet meal

As all of you know and hear about all the time is stories about Duchess and my new found joy in being a Bzz Agent!!  Duchess is my baby girl, those of you who know her know she's one of the sweetest loving cats in the world.  During my short time as a Bzz Agent I was able to join the Hills Science Diet campaign  and try a grain free formula for FREE.  Bob still has to be on his special food, so he had to sit this one out.  Now you might be thinking "what does a former makeup artist/painter/glam girl/jewelry designer know about cat food"?  Well after joining up I decided to do some home work about the food.  After you read this I want you to read what is in your cats food!!  This food is really something, it has no fillers or junk in it.  The first ingredient is meat, cats are carnivorous so that's a good thing.  Cat's do not stalk corn, just small animals.  One of the extra bonuses of this is that she hasn't had any sick tummy or hair ball accidents.  This is great since it was becoming an every other week issue.  Just to make sure I was really getting the full effect of the food, I did grab an extra bag so I could feed it to her for at least a month.  Now that we are moving, I hope to get my boyfriends cat on it.  We shall see, she's a very picky kitty.  I give it my honest thumbs up and have been raving about this to everyone I come into contact with I'm so happy about it!!

On a more somber and serious note, I would like to bring up the Live Below the Line campaign.  It has you spending a few days living off a $1.50 a day.  I'm glad some of you are joining me in this, we can combine our resources and get enough food to survive!  This is to bring attention to world hunger a cause  that is dear to the heart of me and others.  Please feel free to join me in this show of solidarity against something that is destroying the lives of families all over.  You can look up the website and they have some good recipes to follow so you don't feel too hungry!!!  I hope you have enjoyed all that I have had to share with you today.  I might not be around as much for the next few weeks as we are closing on our first house!!  I look forward to sharing household tips and decorating tricks with you as I get settled into a whole new life.  Wish me luck all you fabulous darlings!!!  Until we meet again, stay smashing!



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