Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bzzing about Duchess and her new food!

Hello my Darlings!!  As you know, I'm a Bzz Agent and loving it!!  One of the perks of being a Bzz Agent is trying out new things, my first product I got to try was the Hills Science Diet grain free for everyone's favorite lap cat Duchess.  This food is really good food, it's chock full of good stuff for your pets and that's good for everyone.  I like the fact that it has no junky fillers in it, I try to keep my diet healthy and enjoy doing the same for Duchess.  You can't pick this up at your local box store but I'm sure if your vet doesn't carry it you can pick it up at pet direct online.  I've talked to over 100 people about this and they have all seemed pretty interested.  I say give it a try, your pets will love you even more!!  Now that we are getting a home I hope we can get Gman's cat to eat it.  I hope all of you enjoy your holiday weekend and I'll touch base with more advice soon, in fact I might even share some of my great baked brie recipes with ya'll.



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